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The tutorials on this site were originally called Back To Basics and it was a PSP course run by the managers of Robbie's Creative Retreat and Robbie's 2 MSN groups.
Robbie started the group to help people learn how to use Paint Shop Pro. She saw a need for tutorials which taught the basics, as she found learning the program difficult when she first bought it.

Lyn joined as a member in the groups early days and Robbie soon saw her potential for helping people learn PSP. She was promoted to assistant manager. Shell joined the management team as an assistant not long after joining the group and Lyn was promoted to Joint manager with Robbie.
A short while later, Shell joined Robbie and Lyn as joint manager.
With Robbie, Lyn and Shell as managers and great support from various assistant managers, the group went from strength to strength.

What started as a hobby, soon became an enormous group, with nearly 3000 members and over 10,000 posts a week. Instead of a small pastime, it became a full time job for the managers.
They needed more help so one of the members, Joanne, was added as an assistant and soon became a manager due to her excellent knowledge of PSP and her commitment to the group.

Robbie's Creative Retreat was disabled by MSN, we still don't why but never mind, we were back up and running with Robbie's 2 in a couple of days and we came back bigger and better than ever before! Within one week of Robbie's 2 opening, we were back to having over 10,000 posts!

Robbie's 2 sadly closed on June 1st 2004. Even with all the managers and assistant managers, it was just too time consuming to keep the group going. The managers decided to close the group.
The copyright owners of the tutorials used in Back To Basics in Robbie's Creative Retreat, decided to allow other groups to link to the tutorials as they knew there was a need for the course.
Robbie decided to put the tutorials on a www. site and so RCR was born again!

A new MSN group was opened by Shell for the former members of Robbie's 2. They expressed a desire to be able to stay together, close bonds had been formed between the members in Robbie's 2, so much so that people referred to Robbie's as 'family'.
 Robbie's Members was opened solely to provide the members with a way to keep in touch but over a short time, the group grew into another teaching site.
Robbie's Members now has an excellent management team consisting of Joanne, Sandy and  a number of assistants.
Robbie has been helping out the new managers and assistants, sharing her expertise of running a large and busy MSN group and Lyn has been helping by updating and improving the tutorials for the members. Thanks to the managers, assistant managers, Robbie and Lyn, the new group is now going from strength to strength :o)

If you would like to use our tutorials in your own group, please read our Terms of Use.