Installing Fonts

For this tutorial you will need:
XP or Winzip

Most Fonts you download are in a zipped folder or file like these

To unzip them you need a File Extractor.

If you are running Windows XP it has its own inbuilt Extractor. Follow the link to the tutorial below to learn how to use it


If you are not using XP follow the tutorial below

There are a few programs you can use to unzip your files. I use WINZIP you can download it here.

Once you have it installed follow the tutorial below to unzip your file.

The 1st thing we are going to do is to make a new folder on your Desktop (the screen that opens with all the little icons when you log on.)

Right click anywhere on the Desktop and select NEW - FOLDER

Click where it says "Folder"

This folder will appear on your Desktop

A folder will appear on your Desktop, you need to name the folder MyFonts by typing it in the small box below the folder, it should already be highlighted, so don't click in it, just start typing the name......

You have now just created a new folder to download fonts into

Now we are going to download a Font. We shall download the Platthand Font as we shall need it in a future lesson. (Robbies Members only)

Go to this site HERE and find the Platthand Demo

Click on the sample font indicated,

This window will open

Select SAVE and Browse to DESKTOP -  and find MY FONTS as shown below

Click on the MY FONTS folder as shown above

then SAVE


You can also close the Font Site page now.

Find the "My Fonts" Folder on your Desktop and double click on it to open it, you will see the Zip File inside

Click on the Zip

It should open in Winzip like this

Highlight the Font (you will know its a font when you see the letters ttf. This means True Type Font) Then select EXTRACT

The font should now be in your desktop folder

Keep this folder open, we are now going to install your font.

Go to START on the bottom left of your PC

 then to

SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL (Click where its says Control Panel)

(this is for XP but I think the instructions are similar for most systems)


Find the FONTS folder and double click on it to open

 You should now have 2 folders open on your Desktop

(The "My Fonts" folder you made and the Fonts folder in the Control Panel)

you can drag them around by clicking on the blue bar at the top


Drag the Platthand font you downloaded over to the Font Folder in the Control Panel and drop it in. Your font is now installed :)

It is not a good idea to overload your Windows Font folder as it can slow your computer down. To use a font in PSP without installing it, open it in your folder by clicking on it.

It should look like this

Minimize it by clicking where the arrow indicates above, it will now appear in your text menu's when using PSP.

To view fonts not installed I use AMP Font Viewer

You can find it HERE

I hope you found this tutorial helpful


I should warn you now...collecting fonts can be very addictive

Tutorial written by Robbie  Feb 2006.
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