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This tutorial will show you how to make a banner for your web site.
This is not my tutorial, the original was written by Zigg for PSP 8. I've just adapted it for PSP 7 :o)
Open a new image
Choose a solid colour, pattern or gradient and flood fill your canvas
Go to Image > Add Border and use the following settings
You will see the border has been added. It will always be the same colour as your background solid colour is. To check what colour your background colour is, look above your colour palette, there are 2 boxes, the second box is your background colour. This needs to be a different colour than your flood fill so that the magic wand can select it properly.
Click on the magic wand and use the following settings
Marching ant's will now be on your border.
Flood fill your border then click on the Inner Bevel Icon and use the following settings
We're now going to add the text. Always add a new layer for any text that you do or tubes you put on so you can move them around freely
Add another layer and add your tubes
Now on your layer palette, right click on the top layer and go to Merge > Merge Visible
If you want to add sparkles now is the time to do it.
Duplicate your layer by right clicking on it and going to duplicate. I duplicated mine 2 times so I had 3 layers.
Add your sparkles and save as a PSP file.
Open your banner in animation shop and set your frame properties then save and you're done :o)
Here's a few more I did
I used the dissolve effect in Animation Shop to do the following banner
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Tutorial written by ZiggZagg for PSP 8 2003. Rewritten for PSP 7 by Shell 2003
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
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