For this tutorial you will need:

Make a Divider using one of the  Dingbat Fonts


Download to your Fonts Folder


Open a New Image 400 x 50

Choose your colour

Type the letter you want to use.

Go Effects / 3D Effects / Inner Bevel

Use these settings


Click OK

The Font I used is called "DizzinzCurlyQ's"


Now you will need to keep them Transparent so go to COPY and open Animation Shop - PASTE

Save as


Alternatively, you can add a new layer and move it to the bottom, then flood fill that layer with the tile you're going to be using for your web set. Merge the layers and crop.

This way, if you want to add a drop shadow or something to your divider, you don't have to worry about the optimizer in Animation Shop, you can save it in PSP as a jpg file.

Tutorial written by Zigg Zagg 2003
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