Installing plug-ins

For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 8 or 9

Plugins are additional effect programs you can add into your PSP. There are many free ones on the Net and others you can purchase. You will come across these plugins when trying the many tutorials that can be found.

This tutorial is aimed at helping you to enjoy trying these tutorials by making you more confident installing the plugins.

Because there is 2 different types of plugins that are installed in different ways we shall be using 2 free ones with a tutorial at the end of each using them.

PSP usually contains a Plugin Folder, however overloading this folder can cause your PSP program to slow down and sometimes cause other problems, so later in this tutorial I will explain about making a folder outside of PSP to put your plugins into

I have found this method to be the most successful .

Before you start installing any plugins there are 2 files you have to unzip into your Windows System 32 folder if you are using XP otherwise they go in your System Folder in Windows.. These are


and the Plugin.dll 

Please note the above are zip files and must be UNZIPPED into your System Folders

Click on the above Zips and follow this path to the System 32 Folder (if using XP) otherwise the System folder.

 CDrive - Windows - System 32.


Make a new folder in My Documents and call it  My Plugins.

Now we are going to install our 1st Filter

This is the Visman Filter

Unzip to My Documents - My Plugins.

Before your Plugins show up we need to show PSP where to find them.

FOR PSP 8 see below

for PSP 7

For PSP 9

Open PSP and go to

File - Preferences - File Locations

Find Plugins

Go to ADD then BROWSE

Find your My Plugins Folder and select it

Click OK

Make sure you check   the boxes  shown below

Click OK

Now go to FILE - NEW and open a new blank Image.


You should now see your Visman Filters

We are going to use VM Natural - Sparkle

Try out your new plug-in using the Sparkle Filter in this tutorial


PSP 8 & 9 HERE


Now learn to install a Stand-alone Plug-in. HERE

 (there is no tutorial at the end, the purpose of the lesson is to successfully install the plugin)


Tutorial written by Robbie December 2005
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