For this tutorial you will need:
The following image.
Right click and click on 'Save As'. Save to a folder of your choice.

Open Paint Shop Pro, go to BROWSE and open the image you saved
(click on the image and it will open in PSP)

Select the Paint Dropper Tool   and run it over your image to pick out a colour for your frame,

(you will see what colour you are applying by looking at the box at the bottom of the colour palette on the right)

Click on the colour when you are satisfied.

Now go to IMAGE on the Menu Bar and select ADD BORDERS

A box will appear, I used these settings,

Click OK.

Select your MAGIC WAND     and click inside the border so you have dotted lines around it (Marching Ants)

Now select your FLOOD FILL TOOL

and click inside the border.

Now go go SELECTIONS on the Menu Bar and SELECT NONE.

You now have your simple frame.

Go to FILE and then SAVE AS

you get this box

Give your file a name, Select 'my Pictures' or 'My Documents', and save in JPEG format.


If you want to try a patterned frame

Right click on the Fills below and save in 'My Documents'


The fill must be open on your workspace.

You can add any pattern you wish, this is one I like.

Open up your image, or use the one provided

Click on the little black arrow of the 'Background Style Box' on the right, and select PATTERN

Now click in the actual box, this box appears

Click on the pattern in the window, and a menu appears


Click on the DIAMOND FILL



Use the same settings as before, or change them to make smaller or wider borders.

Select the MAGIC WAND   

and click inside the border so it has the "marching ants" (dotted lines)

around it,


(you may find your image needs to have 24 bit Colour applied) go to COLOURS in the menu Bar, - then SELECT - INCREASE COLOUR DEPTH - and then 16 MILLION COLOURS

Click the Flood Fill Tool inside your frame border, and there you have your pretty frame

Most patterns can be added in this way, its fun experimenting.

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
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