Gold Text

For this tutorial you will need:
The gold tile. Right click on it and click on 'Save As'. Save to a folder of your choice.

I don't pretend to be an expert at this yet, but I thought I would show you the basics of adding Gold to your text.

Open Paint Shop Pro

Go to FILE, then NEW

Go back to FILE and then to BROWSE

Find your gold fill and double click on it. It should now be open in your PSP.

(If it has opened over your text box, just click on the blue bar on the top and you can place it where you want)

The Gold Fill must stay open on your screen.

Click your TEXT ICON 

and click inside your text box.

This box will open

Type your text in the box, then select size and font style. Tick the FLOATING and ANTIALIAS boxes

Go to the STROKE BOX on the left, this is your outline box, click on the little black arrow and choose PATTERN

  (The Dotted Square)

Now click inside the STROKE BOX again, and this box should appear,

Find your Gold fill square at the top,

Click on it and then click OK.

Do the same in your FILL box. Click OK in the text entry box, and this box should appear,

If you need to move the text into position, use the MOVER TOOL 

and drag the text to where you want it

Go  to EFFECTS   and then 3D  select INNER BEVEL

Choose these settings and click OK.

(its worth playing around with all the different effects, if you don't like what you have done just go to UNDO

try effects like METALLIC and SOFT EDGE)

Now go to SELECTIONS on your MENU BAR and choose SELECT NONE

You will see your 'Marching Ants' have now gone.

To crop your text to size, select the CROP ICON

You will see a little + and a square, place the + where you want your text to start and keeping the left click held down, drag the box down to the right corner of where you want the text to finish.

Double click inside that box and your text will be cropped.

Go to FILE  then SAVE AS , choose to save as 'My Documents' or 'My Pictures'

Name your File

Make sure you save as a JPEG TYPE

Have fun experimenting, let us see your results. Here is one of mine.

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002
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