Understanding Text

For this tutorial you will need:

Once you understand your text box, you are going to have a lot of fun experimenting.

1st open Paint Shop Pro, go to FILE - NEW

Select what size you want your box to be and what colour background, for now we will use transparent.

Click OK.

You get a box that looks something like this.

Next go to your TEXT TOOL  

By selecting this and then clicking in your NEW box, you get your TEXT BOX

Type your text in the box, and highlight it by clicking on it, it should now be blue.

(you always change your text and size by doing this)

Make sure the FLOATING and ANTIALIAS boxes are checked

Now you just need to learn how to use the different features.

First lets look at the TEXT ENTRY BOX


This is where you choose your Font (style of type)

Next choose the size of type you want

Now we will look at the STYLES BOX

The STROKE is the outline of your text and the FILL is the inside of your text.

If you click on the little black arrow, you get this menu

- is SOLID COLOUR ,once you have selected  it click inside the little coloured box (not the triangle) and you get this chart

Just select a colour you want to use and click ok

- is GRADIENT, again once you have selected it click inside the little box, you get this window 

Click inside the window to get the chart

To select a gradient just click on it

There are 4 different gradients to choose from, just select a square and experiment.

- is PATTERN, again after selecting this click inside the little box and then the pattern window like you did with Gradients. You get this chart, just select a pattern by clicking on it

You can also open any pattern tile on your psp worktop and it will appear in the patterns chart, like this one

When you have finished making all your selections, click OK on your text box, The text will now appear in your NEW BOX, you may need to move it into place with the mover tool 

If you feel you want to change the text, go to EDIT - UNDO TEXT and try again. Once you are satisfied, go to SELECTIONS - SELECT NONE

Now lets make your text transparent.

Hightlight your text Box and go to COPY 


Once in Animation Shop go to PASTE AS NEW ANIMATION 

Your text should now be open in AS.


You should get this box

Name your file and save as shown.

Your text or image should now be transparent


For Beginners Basic Entries (Robbies Members)

read below

Now you are ready to show your understanding of this tutorial. Submit 3 different styles of text using all the effects.

Here are the examples

Beginners Basics entries, please use 2 different colours to show you have used both the Stroke and Fill boxes. And can also use any font you wish, remembering the broader fonts show the patterns and gradients better.

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