Doll Sig

For this tutorial you will need:
 Animation Shop 3

The following doll. Right click on it and click on 'Save As'. Save to a folder of your choice.

Open Animation Shop.

Go to FILE at the top of the screen.

Click on NEW and a box like this will appear,

Set the size as 300x150, select Transparent, click ok

Go back to FILE and select BROWSE, look for where you saved your doll to.

and open it,

Click on your doll, it should now be open in a box like this,

Select the DROPPER icon and move it onto your dolls dress, left click and

you will see the colour for your text now matches in the colour palette.

(you can of course select any colour you wish)

Deselect the dropper using the DESELECT icon 

Click on  your empty text box, this activates it.

Select the TEXT icon

Now click in the empty text box, you should see this box, 


Enter your name in the text box, select a font (you will see a sample of how

it will look) select a size, I used 24 for this one, click ok.

You will now see your name appear in the text box. Click it into place,

I usually place it in the bottom right hand corner, remember you still have to

add your doll. Deselect the TEXT icon 

Now we will add a sparkle effect to your name. Make sure the top of your

name box is activated. Go to EFFECTS at the top of the screen.

Click on IMAGE EFFECT, another box will appear, choose these settings,

Click OK. You will see the number of frames has jumped to 10/11

The normal rule is to duplicate your doll to the same amount of frames, but

with the NOISE effect we can make the animation much smaller.

 Making sure

your text box is activated, click on the last frame and a blue border 

will appear inside it,

Go to the DELETE frames icon  and click, that frame has now

disappeared, go to each frame in turn until you have 5 frames (remember

to activate the red/blue border inside each frame)  

We now need to make the same amount of dolls,

Activate the doll box, go to the duplicate icon 

click this until you have 5 frames, while this box is still activated go to EDIT

Choose SELECT ALL,  go back to EDIT and select COPY, now activate your text box.


You will see your doll now appears over your text box, Click it into place. It will

now be in all the frames.

You will notice the 1st frame isn't animated, we will delete this one, remember

to click inside the frame to activate the red/blue border. Go to  and click, now its gone.

Now check your animation is working, Click on the view animation icon

Your animation will now run, if you are happy with it. go to FILE, select

 SAVE AS -MY DOCUMENTS or MY PICTURES, making sure you save as below

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002

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