For this tutorial you will need:
 Animation Shop 3



Would you like to make a Sig like this?


(To add a font to your computer see the Add A Font Tut HERE)



Open Animation Shop, Go to FILE, Select NEW.

Select these settings, click OK.

( I usually make my canvas quite big for the Platthand Font as the loops and swirls can be rather large and then crop to size.)

You now have this box,

Select the Paint Dropper and move it over the Colour Palette


Choose a colour for your text, the colour you are on, shows in the grey

box at the bottom.

When you are happy with your colour, click on it and it will appear in

this box

Select the TEXT icon  and click inside your NEW box.

This box will appear

Enter your name, choose your font and size, Click OK.

Use your space bar and type in 4 spaces before writing your name, this will stop you losing the beginning of your name once your sig is done

(you can see, that by playing about with capital letters in the Platthand font, you

can achieve different types of swirls)



 Make sure you have the text icon selected  and click inside the new box again. You will get the ADD TEXT BOX again. Delete the name inside it.

Select the FAERIE FONT. This font is quite good fun, by selecting just a single letter, you will get a symbol. Here I have selected capital F and size 48.

Click OK

As you can see, we have a little fairy, click it  into your text box in a position you are happy with.

Now go to effects on the menu bar. Select- IMAGE EFFECT,

You now have this box - Select NOISE

and the settings shown below

  If you want to add more noise

 go to CUSTOMISE and make the NOISE INTENSITY figure higher.

Click OK

Go to  on the Tool bar and play your animation to see if you are happy with it. Deselect your text icon by clicking

As you can see, adding the NOISE effect has caused the frames to jump to 8. We don't actually need this many for this effect to work, so we will delete some.

To delete, click inside the last frame so that a red and blue border appears (it pays to check that you have selected ONLY the frame you are deleting, or you are in danger of deleting everything) The red/blue border tells you that the frame is highlighted. If all the frames are highlighted you will delete them all when you hit delete.

Go to  the menu bar at the top, and click the DELETE icon . Keep repeating this until there is 6 frames left. (remember to highlight each frame before going to delete)

Go to the 1st frame and delete that as the glitter does not appear in that one.

Now we will crop your sig to size. Select the CROP icon

Move inside your frame and you will see a + and square symbol. Left click the + in the top left corner of where you want your box to start, holding the left click down, drag the box to the bottom left of where you want the box to finish,

Double click in the box you have drawn. You now have your finished sig,

You can drag your frames open by placing your cursor on the right side edge until you see the arrow and dragging them across.

Check the animation again

Happy? Then go to FILE - select SAVE AS

Give your file a name and click save.

Your sig will now be in your documents,

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002

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