For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 and Animation Shop 3


Open Paintshop Pro. Go to FILE - NEW

Go to the STYLES/TEXTURE boxes under the COLOUR PALLETTE

Click the little black arrow, and select GRADIENT on both.

  (the solid square)

Click inside the coloured box and you get this

Click the coloured window and select a rainbow gradient

Go to the TEXT TOOL and click inside your new box

You should get this box

Choose your Font, Style and size, then enter your name.

Go to the STROKE/FILL boxes

And select Gradient, click inside both boxes and enter your rainbow gradient.

Click OK

Your name now appears in your text box

To put it into place, drag it over with the MOVER TOOL

Do not deselect yet. Go to EFFECTS on the menu bar, then 3D - INNER BEVEL, use these selections

Go to SELECTIONS on the menu bar, SELECT NONE

To crop your image to size go to the CROP ICON

hold the left button of your mouse down, start in the top left corner of your text and drag to to the bottom right corner, making a box around your text

Double click inside the box you made and you now have your resized text.

To animate it, go to COPY on the menu bar, then go to FILE - JASC SOFTWARE PRODUCT - LAUNCH ANIMATION SHOP


When Animation Shop opens, go to PASTE AS NEW ANIMATION  the text will now appear in ANIMATION SHOP.


you now get this box

Select ROTATE COLOURS, click OK.

You should now have your rainbow text

To check if your animation is working go to VIEW ANIMATION  if you are happy with it, go to FILE - SAVE AS


Name your file, and save.

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002

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