For this tutorial you will need:

The image below.

(Right click and save to a folder of your choice)

This tut is to help you in Resizing your Images in PSP7

Open your Image in PSP!

Here is the Image I am using as an Example!



Now making sure your image is active...go to Image/Resize:


A box will appear like the following:


The percentage allows us to cut down the image that can play with the percentage until you get the size you need.

The Bicubic resample I have found to be the best to use...because it helps keep your image sharp...

Leave Resize all layers UN-checked UNLESS you are resizing with one particular layer...

Click ok and your image will be resized....if you are not happy with the resizing...then by all means UNDO and try again lowering the percentage!!!

See its that easy!

Here is mine after resizing 70%


What a difference .....

Now for You to do. Right click and save the below image!


Now follow the instructions above and lets see you make this picture smaller!

 Tutorial written by Robbie September 2003

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