Basic Layers

For this tutorial you will need:

This is what we will be making

Just to warn you, this is a long tutorial because I've used a lot of screenshots and I talk a lot lol

Open a New Image 300x200 Transparent

And then add another layer by going to

Layers > New Raster Layer

Name it Flowers 1

Click on the tube tool   and choose the tube you would like to use. I choose spring flowers

With the scale set at 100 put a few flowers on Flowers 1 layer (to make sure you're putting the flowers on the right layer go to the layer palette and click on the words Flowers 1.

(If your layer palette isn't in view you can either go to View > Tool Bars and put a tick in the box next to layer palette or you can click on the Toggle Layer Palette icon )

The layer will be highlighted blue which means it is the Active layer

Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow or click on the Drop Shadow icon  and use the following settings

Go to Layers > New Raster Layer or click on the new layer icon on the layer palette


When the new window opens click OK

Name the layer Flowers 2

OK, now we're going to add more flowers to the new layer but this time we're going to change the scale on the tube tool options box to 80

Add the same drop shadow as before

Layers > New Raster Layer

Name it Flowers 3

Add more flowers, this time change the scale on the tube tool options to 60

Drop Shadow  same settings as before

If you turn off the visibility of the first 2 layers by clicking on the glasses at the side of the layer you will see where you have put the flowers on this layer (don't forget to turn them back on lol)

This is how your layer palette will look now


You will notice that if you move your mouse over the layers on the layer palette a small picture will appear that show's you what is on that layer.

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