For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 7 and Animation Shop 3
Sparkle Tubes -
HERE  or the Star White I used HERE

If you need help on downloading tubes, see the tutorial on that subject) There are many types of sparkles, you will have to play around with the size and type when you start applying them.

Open Paint Shop Pro, and go to BROWSE. Find the image you want to add sparkles to, or use this one

 Click on it and it should open in PSP. 

GO to WINDOWS - DUPLICATE  and duplicate your image twice (you should now have 3 images open)

Go to your TUBE TOOL   and click on it, then go to TOOL OPTIONS  to open your tube menu.

Find your sparkle by clicking on the picture and looking through your tube menu. When you have selected your sparkle, choose a size you want, I have chosen 15.

Don't worry if you get the size wrong, just go to undo   and try


Place a few sparkles randomly on the 1st image

Now save that image by going to FILE -SAVE AS - I usually save in MY PICTURES

Name the file as your 1st image and save .

Save as a JPEG image

Go back to your 2nd image and add a few more random sparkles.

 Save again as image 2, do this to the 3rd image also.

When you have finished saving, open ANIMATION SHOP

 Go to ANIMATION WIZARD   on the menu bar, click on it, and you now have this box,

Check the setting is set at  'same size as the first image frame' Click NEXT - check TRANSPARENT - click NEXT - Check 'UPPER LEFT CORNER OF FRAME' - NEXT 'YES PLAY ANIMATION' - NEXT - click ADD IMAGE. Your MY PICTURES folder will now open.

Find your 1st image and click on it, click OPEN - your image is now added in the box

Do this until you have all your images in the box

Now click NEXT and then FINISH

All your frames should now open, check the animation by going to VIEW  ANIMATION   on the Menu Bar, your animation should now be sparkling,

Close the Animation showing.

To slow down the sparkles go to EDIT - SELECT ALL

Then to


You will get this box

The higher you set the number, the slower the sparkles will be.

If you are happy with it, go to FILE - SAVE AS - MY PICTURES

Name your file and SAVE.



Its not as hard as it sounds lol.

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002
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