Make Background Transparent

For this tutorial you will need:
Right click on the following image. Click on 'Save As' and save to a folder of your choice.

In this lesson You will learn how to make a background transparent and then show an example of your own.

Let's get started, Shall we?

(Please note this process will only work as long as none of the background colour appears in the image, as this will remove that colour too)


There a few ways to do Transparency, I find this method works for me very well.

You get the dreaded coloured background


Open the image in Animation Shop
when you select replace colour, you get this box
If you have more than 1 frame select ALL FRAMES
Select your Paint Dropper Tool and click on the coloured background (in this case Black)
The OLD COLOUR BOX will turn to the colour of your background.
Click OK
Your image will now be Transparent
You may find you have to zoom in and clean up the odd stray pixel with your eraser.
To save your image as transparent, you have to go to FILE and open a new canvas, click on your image to highlight it and go to EDIT-COPY. Then highlight your new canvas and go to EDIT- PASTE-PASTE INTO SELECTED FRAME
 click inside your new box and insert your image into it. Crop to size and save as
 Remember if your image is being added to an animation that has more than 1 frame you need to duplicate your new canvas to the same amount of frames, and to SELECT ALL each time before COPY and PASTE.
It's that Easy!!!!!
Remember....don't forget to show your Before and After Work.

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