For this tutorial you will need:
A doll - Feel free to use one of your own dolls or Right Click on one of these and save into a folder of your choice.

There are many uses for the airbrush tool, I'm going to show you just one way it can be used to make a quick background on a sig tag.

This is what we will be making

To keep your doll transparent open it in Animation shop then go to File > Export Frames > to Paint Shop Pro

OK let's get started!

Open a new canvas 300x300

Go to your Layer Palette and Right Click on the layer

When the drop down menu opens go to Duplicate

Repeat this step again so you have 3 layers.

Right click on the Bottom Layer > Rename

Rename this layer Airbrush

Right click on the middle layer and rename it Doll

Right click on the top layer and rename it Text

Now your Layer Palette looks like this

Click on the Doll Layer to make it active.

Open the doll you have chosen to use.

Click on the Copy icon

Click on your new canvas to make it active

Go to Edit > Paste As New Selection

Position the doll on the canvas (It's up to you where you position her as it's a question of choice as to where you like your name placed on your sig tags)

Now click on the Text Layer

Choose the Text Tool and click anywhere on the new canvas

When the Text Entry box opens choose the font style and use these settings


Click Ok and position the text near the doll but leave the ants marching around the text.

Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel and use the following settings

Still with the ants marching around the text go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

Use the following settings except the colour.

 You will be using a different doll to me so you want to choose a colour for your text and drop shadow that will compliment the doll.

Click OK

We're going to add another Drop Shadow but we're going to change a few settings and choose a lighter shade of the last colour we used


Ok, the text is done.

This is what we have so far

Click on the Airbrush Layer

Choose the Airbrush Tool and use the following settings

Now airbrush some colour all around and over your doll sig. Don't worry about going over your doll because the airbrush layer is the active layer so the paint effects will only be applied to that layer.

When you're happy with the effect change the Density on the tool options palette to 10

Choose a lighter shade of the colour you have just used and apply some more colour to the background. This time though, keep the new colour inside of the first colour.

Repeat this step once more but change the Density to 6 and choose an even lighter shade of your colour, make it almost white but not quite

 Apply the Airbrush effect to just around the doll and text.

This is what we have now

Now we could leave it at this if you'd like but I thought it'd be fun to have a play around with some of the effects PSP has to offer.

Make sure the Airbrush Layer is active and go to Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Antique

Use the following settings

Click OK

Go to Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

OK, we're done, all that's left to do is crop and save

The easiest way I find to crop is too click on the copy icon in PSP

Now open Animation shop and click on the Paste As New Animation icon

Your sig will open in Animation Shop and it will be cropped. Now we've got our sig cropped and open in Animation shop which is where we want to save it so we've done two jobs in one lol

Before you save go to File > Optimization Wizard and put your sig through the optimizer checking all the settings

(See the link at the bottom of the page for instructions on how to check you have the right optimization settings)

Save your sig tag to a folder of your choice and you're done!!


Have fun experimenting!

Tutorial written by Shell 2003
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
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