Preset Shapes

For this tutorial you will need:


Open Paint Shop Pro, go to FILE - NEW

Select the PAINT DROPPER TOOL and chose a colour of your choice by moving it over the COLOUR PALETTE

Make sure your STYLES BOX is set to solid colour by selecting the paintbrush

Select the FLOOD FILL TOOL   and fill the card with the colour,

Go to SELECTIONS on the menu bar, chose SELECT ALL, Go back to SELECTIONS - then MODIFY - CONTRACT

This will give you the size of the border - I have chosen 15.


Go to EFFECTS - 3D - DROP SHADOW, use these settings,

Click OK

This will give your card a 3D effect, don't deselect.

Go back to EFFECTS and do the same, but this time alter the settings of Vertical and horizontal to  -4


it should now look like this,


Now to add your text. Go to 

Choose your Font, Style and size, you will have to play around with the size until your happy with it.

Tick the Floating and Antialias boxes. Type in your message and click OK.

To move the text into place, select the MOVER TOOL  

and drag it to where you want it, if you overlap the border, it gives a nice effect 

While the text is still selected go to EFFECTS - DROP SHADOW as we did before. (remembering to change the settings to -4 the second time)


Now to add your graphic. Go to LAYERS, and select NEW RASTER LAYER, add your graphic, as it is on a new layer, you can move it around.

A good way to add a graphic is to use the PRESET SHAPES TOOL right click on it and go to TOOL OPTIONS click in the box

and select a shape, keeping the left button held down on you mouse, click inside tour card and drag the mouse around until you get the size and shape you want, because its on its own layer you can place it where you want using the MOVER TOOL.

Add DROP SHADOW again, but change the settings to 2 and -2

You should now have your finished card

Go to FILE and SAVE AS

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002
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