Simple Animation

For this tutorial you will need:
Right click on the wings below and save to your hard drive.

We're going to make animated butterfly wings.

I added a doll to mine to show you how they can be used but when you submit your results to the back to basics, only submit the wings please.

It's hard for us to see whether it's a pass if you add an image to the wings.

Open the wings in Animation shop and go to Edit > Copy.

Now go to PSP and go to Edit > Paste as new image.

This keeps your wings transparent.

We need to have the rulers showing. To do this, go to View > Rulers.

We now need to get copies of our wings so press Shift and D on your keyboard 4 times.

Click on the first copy of the wings to make it the active frame and click on the save icon

Save this as a PSP file and name it frame 1

Close frame 1

click on the second copy to make it the active frame and click on the deformation tool

A box with nodes will appear around the butterfly.

Place your mouse cursor over the right hand node (see screenshot, the node is circled red) The cursor will change to a double ended arrow.


Now, using the ruler as a guide, drag the node in towards the butterfly's body.

On the screenshot, number 1 is where I started and number 2 is where I dragged the node too. Make a mental note of how many marks you move the node and repeat for the left hand node.

I moved the node in 3 marks on each side.


Double click on the canvas outside of the deformation box to get rid it.


Save as a PSP file, name it frame 2

Repeat the above steps on the next butterfly but instead of moving the nodes in 3 marks on the ruler, move it 6 marks on both sides


Again, repeat for the remaining 3 butterfly's but move the nodes in 3 more marks each time.

You should now have 5 PSP files, 1 of the original wings and 4 of "squashed" wings!

Time to make the animation. :o)

Open Animation Shop

Click on the animation wizard icon 

A new window will open

Click next

Click next

Click next

Change the frame time from 10 to 15

Click next

Click on Add Image

Browse to where you saved your butterfly files and add butterfly 1

Keep clicking on Add Image and add each file

When they've all been added click next

Click finish

Now your 4 frames will have been put together

Click on the Play Animation icon

If you're happy with your animation you can save it.

If you want to speed up or slow down your animation press ctrl and A to select all frames then go to Animation > Frame Properties and play around with the numbers until you're happy with your animation

 You're done :o)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

I added a doll and my name to my butterfly wings



Tutorial written by Shell 2003
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