Vector Text

For this tutorial you will need:

This is what we will be creating

Open a 400 x 200 image with a transparent background.

Choose your text tool, set your background colour to any colour, you might want to make it one of the colours you'll be using in your finished creation. Make sure that your foreground colour is set at null.

Click anywhere inside your canvas to bring up the text box.

Select the font and size you would like for your text, set the kerning and leading both to 0.

Check the box that say's VECTOR and Antialias.

Once you have everything the size, font and colour the way you want it, click O.K.

Now you should see your text on your canvas with the vector bounding boxes around it.

Now open your layers palette  and click the (+) sign beside layer 2.


To open the layer, you should see a large "A" and whatever text you typed. You will then see your name. Now right click the text layer in your layers palette and you will see a menu drop down.

Towards the end, you will see a "Convert Text to Curves", select it. The next two choices you get, you will need to select the "As Character Shapes" option from the menu.

Now Take a look at your layer palette.

As you can see, you have a lot more there than you did at the beginning. PSP converted your text into individual vector shapes that you can edit now.

Now we can change the colour's of each letter on your text. I left my first letter "S" red. And started with my second letter "H".

Right click your second layer (letter H) and choose the "Properties" option from the menu. After you have selected properties, a dialog box will appear. Click on the colour selector to change the colour of that letter.

Repeat this step for each of your letters in your text. (but choose a different colour for each letter).

Now click on layer 2 in your layer palette to make sure it is the active layer.


*(NOTE: All your letters in your layer palette should now be bold to show you they are all selected together, if not, Try Again).*

Now go to Objects>Groups.

In your layers palette, you should now have a layer called GROUP1

 Right click on this layer and again you will have a large menu of options appear (like the one before). Choose the option at the bottom that says...."Create Raster Selection", you should then see your marching ants around your text.

Now RIGHT CLICK layer 2 and choose "Convert to Raster Layer".

And now you have your Multi-colour Text made with VECTORS.

A Bevel Effect has been added to this example so yours will not look exactly the same

Tutorial written by Tearless Filly. Screenshots by Shell 2003
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