For this tutorial you will need:
PSP Animation shop 3
A Writing Tool

You can use any of these Tools, just right click and save.

Save in My Pictures or My Documents


Open Animation Shop. Go to FILE - then - BROWSE

Find the Tool you saved and click on it. It should now be open on your Animation Shop screen.

Now go to FILE - NEW and make a new canvas,


Make sure its large enough for both your Text and Writing Tool. It can be cropped to size later.

Choose the colour of your text by selecting the PAINT DROPPER

and moving over the COLOUR PALETTE, left clicking on a colour of your choice

Select the TEXT ICON and click inside your NEW CANVAS box

You will have this box

Enter your Text in the "Enter text here" box

Choose a Font, Style and Size. Click OK

Carefully click your text in the centre of the NEW CANVAS

Now we need to Duplicate the frame.

Go to DUPLICATE   on your TOOLBAR and keep clicking it. I usually duplicate 3 frames per letter. You probably won't be able to get the exact amount of frames you want but you can delete unwanted ones later.

(You can see the amount of Frames here)

(you can move boxes by clicking on the blue bar at the top and placing them where you want) Your Workspace should now look like this,


Next Select the ERASER TOOL  You can change the size of the eraser in this box that appears above it

(use a small size for tricky areas and a larger size for bigger areas.)

Go back to the New Canvas (you can stretch the frames out by clicking on the right edge of the 1st frame and dragging them out)

Leave the text in the 1st frame intact. In the 2nd frame erase all the text except for a tiny piece where you want your text to start.  In the 3rd frame erase all the text but leave a bit more of the 1st letter showing.

The 4th frame should have the whole of the 1st letter.

In the 5th frame start again leaving only the 1st letter and the start of the 2nd letter.

(try to imagine you are writing the text and erase accordingly)

See these examples


Continue this way until you have the whole of your text left again .

You can now delete any excess frames by clicking on the frame to highlight it,  then right click and select delete . Make sure when deleting only the frame you are deleting is highlighted (has a red/blue border inside it) or you may delete all the frames)

See below

Select the ZOOM TOOL

Click on the 1st frame and zoom out really large. You will now be able to see all the stray pixels you missed when erasing. Erase all these to make a cleaner image (even the smallest speck will show in your saved animation)

Deselect the Zoom tool

Now we are going to add the Writing Tool

Right click on the tool and select COPY

Now right click in the 1st frame of the text and select


Click the writing tool into place at the end of the text like this

Again right click on the writing tool and select COPY

Click in the second frame of your Text frames to activate it (it should now have a red and blue border)

right click and select PASTE - PASTE INTO SELECTED FRAME

Click your Writing Tool into the highlighted text frame at the place you want it to start. Go back  to your writing tool and activate it again.

Follow the above procedure for every frame. placing the Tool in place.


When you have placed the tool in the last frame. Go back to the 1st frame and  highlight it, Go to EDIT - SELECT ALL and then go to ANIMATION  select FRAME PROPERTIES and you get this

Change the display time to 15(this slows the frames down and gives a better effect.) Click OK.

Next go to the 1st frame and select that frame only, Go back to ANIMATION-FRAME PROPERTIES but slow it down to 100

this will allow your text to stay on the screen a little longer

Now check your animation by going to the ANIMATION ICON   at the top of the screen.

If you are satisfied with it go to 'FILE' then OPTIMIZATION WIZARD and click HERE to go to the tutorial that show's you how to make sure your settings are right. This tutorial can take a long time to complete as you've probably just found out and it's not very nice when the optimizer ruins all your hard work

Just before you save your sig click on your crop tool

Crop in the 1st frame


Use the arrow on the bar at the bottom of the frames to have a look at all your frames making sure you have all of your writing tool inside the boxes

If you are happy with it, go to FILE - SAVE AS


You get this box


Name your file,

Select 'My Documents' or 'My Pictures'

click SAVE

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2002
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
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