Doll Wink

For this tutorial you will need:
A doll - Feel free to use this one

or go HERE to make one of your own.

The site is French but you will find the English Version on the left hand side

1)...Open your doll in Animation Shop, make sure the background is transparent- if it isn't then

 click on Animation (top bar) >>Replace colour>> use the Dropper to get the right colour (click on the background of the doll)>>then press OK

2)...Once the doll has transparent background - Right click on the DOLL >>click Duplicate selected

3)... leave the First Doll and Click on the Second Doll(2nd Frame)

select ZOOM Tool to magnify the doll so that u can see the eyes clearly (left click 6 times works for me)



4)...Click on the Dropper Tool and select the black from the bottom of her eye

Click on Brush Tool and go along the bottom of they eye with black


5)...Use the Dropper Tool again, this time click on a part of her skin (face tone) and then click on Brush Tool and paint the remainder of the eye - like so


Click on the Animation Tool  and just Check it - Does it look ok?

6)...Lets alter the frame speed of her WINK

Shortcut -key method - press CTRL  A then ALT ENTER

place a number between 25 - 50 depending on the speed you want for the wink (I'm using 35)- press ok


7)...Press Animation Tool and ADMIRE

always a Good Idea to cut down your animation b4 you SAVE

select the Cut tool



expand around your doll and click CROP

then SAVE - as a Gif file - that's it all done :O)

Your Doll should be Winking now like so...


Tutorial written and ~d@isy~ 2002 of Daisy Animations
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
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