Vector Shapes

For this tutorial you will need:

Let's get creative


After opening a new canvas.

(the size is up to you)

 I choose background colour by selecting the texture box under the colour palette.


Then I go to Pre-shapes  and select my shape, then chose Tool Options.

Set the box like this.


Now when I draw my shape it will be filled with the colour I chose.


Select the Object Selector


And click on node edit, now when you choose one of the little squares around your shape (nodes), they turn black and you can move them where you want.

 Your shape appears to lose colour,


but returns when you select node edit again.

(You can also add more nodes which gives you greater control of the shape you want to make.

The following is taken from the help section which comes with PSP 7.

You can add a node along an existing contour while you are in either the Drawing or Edit Mode of Node Editing. To add a node along an existing contour:

1 Press <Ctrl> and move the cursor over the segment where you want to add the node.

2 When the cursor changes to display with word "ADD," click the line.

The new node appears.)

 Just click inside the canvas to get rid of the vector around your shape.


Easy, Huh?

You can make some awesome creation's

 with vector's.

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