Seamless Tile - Part 2

For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 8 or 9
and a nice picture

This is how you can make seamless tiles to match
your Header, or an Image on your page...

You can use this Picture, or choose one of your own (if using your
own pic, please post the original pic with your tile results)...

(If using this picture, right click to save to a folder of your choice)

Open your image in PSP. Duplicate (SHIFT+D), then close the
original, you should now be working on a copy of the original

Click on the Crop tool


Click somewhere on your image, grab a corner node, and drag out your
box to select the area of the image you want to use for your tile, you can
also click on the centre node to move the box around and position it ..
(I try to keep the tile size somewhere around 100-150 x 100-150)

when happy with your selection, double click inside the box to crop it,
you should now have a small section of your picture left...

Go to Effects-Image Effects-Seamless Tiling

This box will open, use the setting shown below, then click OK

This is what my seamless tile looks like

you can check how your tile is going to look on a page, by opening a new
canvas 400x400, locate your new seamless tile in the pattern section
of the material box, then flood fill the new canvas with your tile pattern...
this is what mine would look like on a page (resized for loading time)

Now lets reduce the file size, (to save page loading time), and
save our tile in a folder...go to File-Export-JPEG Optimizer

This box will open.. I usually save my tiles at a compression value of 1 to 10, depending
on the tile...(you can see the difference in the file size below the sample pics using 10)...
I leave the other 2 tabs set at default, then click OK

This box will open, you need to type the name of your tile in the lower box (1),
(When naming your tiles, try to avoid adding spaces between the words) I use
caps like this to "SeparateTheWords", or msn will fill the spaces with junk codes.
then click on the arrow (2) for the dropdown box to see your folders

Scroll through the folders in the dropdown box...when you locate the folder for your
tile, double click on the folder to open it, then click can delete the tile on
your workspace now, since it has been exported and saved in a folder..

Your tile is now in your folder, and ready to use

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial..
good luck and have fun


Tutorial written by Sandy (Manager Robbies Members) March 2006
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
Page design SLANT Digital 2005