Preset Shapes

For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 8 or 9

Make a Creation using ONLY the Preset Shape Tool

I'm going to show you how the Preset Shape Tool works. 

Preset Shape Tool Icon -  


(The colour settings are ignored if you mark the Retain Style check box on the Toolbar Options palette.)

  You have  a drop down Menu

 for the Shape and for the Line Style



Click your shape tool, pick your shape, line style and width.  Click on your canvas and drag to draw the shape. When the shape outline is the size you want, release the mouse button. The final shape appears on the image. You can then move it around & change its shape.



With my colours set like this

My shape set to Elipse

width at 2

Changing only Line Style -  see sample below



Here is what I made -  ONLY using Preset Shapes


Save as a Jpeg or Gif

Make something using only the Shapes to show your understanding of this tool.

Tutorial written by Zigg Zagg
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