For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 8 or 9

How to Make a Water Mark

I am using the above image for my watermark


Go to File - Open

Type in 300 x 200

Click your Text Tool.  I chose below

Be sure Create as: Selection   is checked

Click your canvas and your Text Entry Box will appear.   It doesn't matter what your colour pallet is set to.

You can choose any font to do this even animal ones or perhaps flowers , you can always come back to this lesson and try other fonts :) You will see an example of an animal and a butterfly Font watermark at the end of this tutorial.

Click Apply

Go to Effects - Drop Shadow and apply the below settings

Vertical & Horizontal -   1

Opacity -   90

Blur -   5  

Selections - Select None

Crop around your Text.    When happy click your tick button

You can now export your text to a picture tube, to do this

Go To File - Export - Picture Tube

This window will come up. Type in name for your text then click ok.

Click on your tube icon I have used a scaling of 80, I wouldn't normally use this size, this is only to let you see it :)

You can see the watermark at the bottom , Kiltylyn , you can also see another two that I have done , a paw and a butterfly

I hope you enjoyed this Lesson

Tutorial written by Lyn
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