Vector Shapes

For this tutorial you will need:
PSP 8 or 9

Lets get creative using Vector Shapes

Open a new image 250 x 250

Click your Shapes Tool  

Using the drop down menu pick the Eclipse 

Pick any colour


Drag your mouse to make a circle


Click on your Pen Tool 


Click Mode for Edit

Your image will change to this

Using your mouse, touch one of the little squares you will see a little arrow and the word start.  Now you will be able to move the nodes around to change the shape.


You can easily add more (little squares) NODES. With  your Pen tool active touch your mouse anywhere along the edge of your circle while holding the Ctrl Key.  You will see a little black arrow and the work ADD. Left click once and you will have added a node.

 I added 4 extra nodes here.


I added 4 nodes and pushed every other one into the centre.

I duplicated / resized / rotated / colorized

(a few times)




You can make some Cool Creations with Vectors

Don't forget to show us yours!


Tutorial written by Zigg Zagg
Tutorials Robbie, Lyn & Shell 2002
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