For this tutorial you will need:
PSP8, 9 or X (10)
The following picture.

Right click on the image above (or one of your choice) and click on 'Save Picture As'.

 Choose the folder you want to save it to (I usually select "MY PICTURES")

 Name your file and select  SAVE

Open Paint Shop Pro and go

to FILE,  and select BROWSE

 How To Browse In Paint Shop Pro X (10) HERE

Click on My Documents, and then My Pictures

Double click on the image and it will

open up in psp.

 Go to           

WINDOW on the toolbar at the top of your workspace and


Use this image to work on, do not use the


Select the CROP tool 

and move the

mouse over your image, you will see it

changes to a  symbol on your picture


Place the icon where you want to start cropping your image by left clicking, then

keeping your left click mouse button held down, move it to

where you want your image

to finish,  release the button.

You will see you have drawn a box

To move the box where you want it, place your cursor in the centre and you will see the Mover Tool

Move the box over the selected part you want to crop. You can stretch the box by dragging on the little squares around the side.

If you are happy with the selected image

Click on the tick   on your taskbar

and your selected image will appear,

Go to FILE and 'Save As'

Browse to My Pictures.

 Name your file and select SAVE

 Make sure you save it in .JPEG


Easy......isn't it?

For Beginners Basics entries, (Robbies Members) please show a before and after image if you choose not to use the picture provided.

Tutorial written by RobbieFan 2004 - updated Feb 2006
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